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Orlando Home Security Contractor / Orlando General Contractor for Orlando Home Security Assessments, Safe Room Designs And Consulting For The DIY Regarding Orlando Home Security. The Name To Know Is...

Orlando Security Contractor: Gordy Haynes

What is a Safe Room?

A safe room or panic room is a place to retreat to during an emergency. Maybe a home invasion, storm, etc. It provides a level of protection and creates a time line deterrent during an emergency until help arrives. The design and location may be any number of areas and design styles. Equipped with life saving items like weapons, communications, medical supplies and other essential items needed during the emergency.  Each one is different depending on the persons concerns, budget and location.

Our Safe Room May Include Some Of The Following Orlando Home Security Items;

  • Structural designs for storm and/or ballistic rated protection

  • Orlando Security System

  • Alarm Monitoring for Orlando Security System

  • Orlando emergency communications

  • Survival rations; food & water

  • First aid kits

  • Orlando Home defense weapons

Over the years, Orlando Home Security has been an intriguing interest of mine. As a state certified general for more than thirty years, I've seen and a done a lot when it comes to residential building and specialty designs. Today, we all want the best security we can afford for our families. Most of us however, have no idea of the many "Affordable" options available to us.

If money were no concern, we'd all have the status and protection of a sophisticated and prestigious "Panic Room" similar to design in Jodie Foster's 2002 movie, "Panic Room".  And while there are many people that can afford anything they want, it's the other end of the spectrum I chose to service.

Over the years, I've development some profound and affordable, security options. Many are simple, cost effective and readily available if you understand what you need to address your security concerns and budget. It's to that end that I have decided to abandon my general construction services and focus "ONLY" on the Security Interest and concerns of my clients. For almost 15 years now, GordyHaynes.com was my construction marketing website. My original business name was Gordy Haynes State Certified General Contractor, LLC. I formed the LLC in 1982.  Today, I have changed my name officially to "Orlando's Best Home Inspection, LLC". Home inspections are a staple for my primary business as of today. But I still will be offering, with my vendor partners, many Orlando Home and Business Security options. Including Orlando Home Security Assessments. The two businesses are completely separate.

Please brows my website and if you're in the market for an Orlando Home or Business Security Assessment, please call me. My assessment and consultation is only $400.00. That will include one site visit, site discussions and a summary report. You can also get a architectural floor plan of one room, Panic or Safe Room design, a detailed scope of work for the project and an estimate for your project for an additional cost.  Better Orlando Home Security is much more affordable than you think. With Orlando Security Contractor, Gordy Haynes, you can have better, more enhanced home security that revolves around Your Home Security Concerns and Your Budget.

Thank you for your interest. Please continue on through the website, I'm sure you'll find information of interest for many of your security concerns.     

Orlando General Contractor, Gordy Haynes

Orlando Home Security

For any Orlando Security Consulting For Safe Rooms, call Gordy Haynes today ( 407.461.8825 )

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