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Are You An Orlando Real Estate Investor?

As a past Investor, Orlando General Contractor, Gordy Haynes can help you take advantage in these Extraordinary Times. A Great Investment Success Story begins with the Right Timing, the Right Circumstance, the Right People and the Foresight to TAKE ACTION!  Please read below and consider the option to create a team with me in finding the Best Buyer's Deals In Orlando.

Orlando General Contractor: Gordy Haynes    

An Orlando Investor in today's Orlando Investment Marketplace,  has the Best chances to become wealthy or increase your current Investor Success by taking advantage of the deals just waiting to be had. The Banks can't stay in business holding the current inventory and that fact along with the need of so many home owners to get out of Upside Down Mortgage Property is truly a profound opportunity right now. Through the years I have built, bought, held and sold many investment properties. Over the last twenty five years, we've never seen such an opportunity to become wealthy as an Orlando Investor as we see now.

As an Orlando Investor, you can buy Orlando Real Estate for dimes on the dollar. I know that if you're reading this right now, you've personally seen many people and families loose everything they've worked for all their lives. And I know you realize the Banks are now choking on the much of the Orlando Real Estate they failed to or were unwilling to work with the struggling home owners that needed help. Bank of America was one of the first Lending Intuitions to ask for and get more than 45 billion dollars in a bailout from the American people. Then, they immediately changed lending considerations and continued to steal distressed home from struggling families all across America. My wife and I were one of those families.

Today,  thousands of other families still need to get out of upside down properties and the Banks are now willing to accept less than the mortgaged amount owed (Short Sale) in many of those cases.

As well as a Florida Certified General Contractor and Orlando General Contractor, I'm a licensed All Lines Adjuster. That background along with my thirty plus years in the industry allows me to be a strong negotiator with the Banks. I am uniquely qualified to do that by inspecting the property and creating a profound, very detailed Cost Analysis of the issues I find with the property. My reports can run 30-60 pages long and the estimating software I use is Xactimate. Xactimate is the industry standard for the Insurance Industry. My numbers are extremely difficult to argue with and once I create a report, items that would have otherwise not have been required to be Disclose (because the Banks or Sellers didn't know about them) suddenly become a possible Game Changer to the Sellers and Banks.

Think what a profound negotiating position you could be in with a Cost Estimate of Thirty Thousands or more of items no one realized were in need of repair or replacement. And an estimate that comes from a State Certified General Contractor for more than thirty years.

I want a partner for finance. We would locate the potential properties and make offers of 40-60% on the dollar to the Banks for Short Sale positions. Once the property is purchased, I would renovate based on the goals and potential of the deal.

Think about the clear, true potential of this idea. I feel like now is the time to become aggressive as we head into the election year. Housing prices will possibly still move a little lower or maintain somewhat and labor as well a material resources now are available now at such great values.  If you're working with a Broker or Agent, let's all sit down and discuss the potential together. I'm open to all offer and considerations.

I know this would be an exciting and enjoyable business adventure and I'm available for any phase or dimension of participation you might want. From consulting through full participation.

Think about it...Then give me a call. The deals are waiting!

Investor Property Inspections and Maintenance

If you already own Orlando Investment Properties, it's important to be sure your investments are protected and well maintained. That process begins with an Investment Property Inspection from Gordy Haynes, State Certified and Orlando Home Inspector and State Certified General Contractor. whether a single family home or and complete community, we can give you the peace of mind and and assurance you deserve.

We recommend at a minimum, you have your property inspected at least once a year to be kept abreast of the usual and on going maintenance issues that will always be a part of owning property. We make that challenge simple and easy...Just call Gordy!

Orlando Real Estate Investor Wanted For The Most Profound Real Estate Value In The Last Twenty Five Years.

For any Orlando General Contractor Investment Project, call Gordy Haynes today ( 407.461.8825 ) of

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